Meet Sweetie's


Hey, It’s Casey. I am new to the cookie business, but not new to cookies. Like most, I’ve been eating cookies all my life, but I have also been baking cookies for most of my life. For years, I heard, “These are great” and, “You should sell them.” So, I created Sweetsie’s. 

I do this with my eyes (and mouth) wide open. I know you have a million options to buy cookies. I won’t say mine are the best, because obviously I haven’t tried them all and there are plenty of great cookies out there. I hate it when people make claims they can’t possibly justify. I will make this provable, reasonable claim: Sweetsie’s Cookies are really good. 

Here’s how I think you should react to a Sweetsie’s Cookie. When you pick it up, you should want to rush it into your mouth. Obviously, your first bite should be too big, and with your mouth still full you should say, “This is so good, I want another.” If you don’t feel that way about a Sweetsie’s Cookie, or if you think they are ‘fine’ or ‘okay,’ then I have failed. 

A cookie should be a little piece of joy. It should look good, smell good, and of course, taste great. You should love the texture when you bite into it and you should be able to identify what some of the flavours are, like a wine steward does. We like to think all our customers become qualified Sweetsie’s sommeliers.  

One final note, at Sweetsie’s we want everything about us to be unique. For instance, we believe words matter. You will never hear us say, “That’s the way the cookie crumbles” because ours don’t crumble, ours melt. You won’t hear us say, “she’s one tough cookie” because who wants a tough cookie? Cookie Cutter? Nope, we want unique. And perhaps worst of all, “Tossing one’s cookies.” No explanation needed.

Sweetsie’s- fresh ideas, fresh attitude and fresh cookies. Give us a shot, but remember we’ll shoot back because, “At Sweetsie’s we’re armed and delicious and we’re packing the sweet!” 

Casey Landsberg